“I love to exercise outdoors, and Nick put a regime together that keeps me in tiptop shape for my energetic schedule. The mix of kickboxing, kettle bells and bodyweight resistance training means my training time seems to fly by!”

Natalie Pinkham

"I had heard of Nick reputation, and when I needed to lose weight for the film The Sweeney, he put a plan together for us. I lost 2.5 stone in about 3 months."

Plan B

“Nick's workouts have given me buns of steel, and I feel firm head to toe!”

Lizzie Cundy

“I first enlisted Nick to get me in shape for a charity mountain climb. But once it was over I just couldn’t give our sessions up!”

Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs

“I’m no stranger to exercise so when I want training support it has to be the very best. Nick is the guy I go to when I want to get ripped!”

Jodie Marsh

"Nick has helped me make some massive changes in my life. His support has meant I can wake up each day with confidence"

Clare Maguire

“I had a nagging old injury, and was preparing for a marathon. I wanted to improve my core, and general strength so I could complete it feeling strong, and injury free. Nick's programme has me feeling better than ever, and able to do just that!”

Sophie Anderton

“Nick's wide range of knowledge has helped me get both ‘bikini ready’ and also prepare for the rigours of a New York marathon. Just don’t be late to his sessions!”

Elin Tough, Zest Magazine

Without doubt my time at Finney Fitness has changed my life. My exercise and eating habits have changed completely. He hasn’t just gone through the motions, he has equipped me with the knowledge so I can now make the right choices with nutrition and exercise for life.

Chase and Status
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